About The Author

Özgen was born and raised in London most of her life and spent a few years in Sydney Australia in the 1970's during her childhood. Her love for books started from an early age where she used to love going to the library next door to her primary school to borrow books such as The Adventures Of Tin Tin, The Cat In The Hat by Dr Seuss, and the Asterix series which were just some of her childhood favourites.

Özgen's mother played a big part in feeding her imagination when Özgen and her brother Hassan were young children. Their mother often encouraged them to write stories when they were at home. She also taught them to read and write in Turkish and they often wrote letters to their cousins abroad.

Before she became an Author, Özgen worked for international law firms in the City of London as a Legal PA for over 25 years and spent a few years as an Executive Assistant in-house legal at a Bank in Canary Wharf. She also took time out to help her husband to re-brand and expand his business taking it from one outlet to six in London and Kent. As her day job, she is self-employed at Acumen Finance as a Commercial Finance Broker and helps to find funding for businesses big or small and for Property Investors and Developers for any sized projects.

In 2018, She wrote her first book, Henrietta Hen In Trouble Again (released in 2019) which is suitable for young children and has based the main character, Henrietta Hen, on her vivacious mother!

Currently in the pipeline is a children's story called Malcom Moose And The Birthday Surprise which is a loving, funny story about a Moose befriending a sheep and they go off on a hot air balloon ride...but it all goes wrong. There are some messages in there for children about being kind to others and to be giving and to help, especially at times of need. Özgen also supports a children's charity called Demelza (www.demelza.org.uk) and she donates 10% of each sale of her books to them.

Also the pipeline: Özgen is writing The Evil Eye quartet and Book Number 1 is called "White Wings", which is being written for young adults. Further information about that book will be released in 2020.

About The Author